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    Rose and Cardamom Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail

    What to mix with Bourbon Whiskey for a Warming Cocktail?

    Cardamom obviously! The subtle heating notes of the cardamom spice complement the complexities found in bourbon beautifully. Bourbon Whiskey is in it’s self a warming sipper, heating the throat as it goes down. This spicey combination in this Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe is cooled with a cut of fresh orange twist and a splash of floral rose water.

    In a Cocktail, Cuisine Pinch...

    While throwing together my mothers recent, small birthday party I wanted to surprise her with take out Indian food. When asked what she would like to drink, she enthusiastically stated, “bourbon!” I was left trying to figure out how to serve a bourbon cocktail that would match an Indian themed dinner filled with the flavors of curries, tikka masalas and samosa.

    I opened up my cabinet and got to work mixing and tasting. The combination of rose water and bourbon seemed like an unlikely match. Adding a homemade cardamom simple syrup to the mix, spiced this cocktail up and added much needed nuance to pair with the spicy, aromatic entrees. A splash of rose water brought out the floral notes of the bourbon splendidly and everyone was surprised and delighted by the combination. This drink has quickly become a most requested favorite in my home.

    Don’t let the light bouquet of roses on the nose fool you, this Old Fashioned still packs a powerful, alcoholic punch despite all of its flowery overtones.

    Find my Cardamom Simple Syrup Recipe Here....

    Rose water is a has a slight taste and a highly floral smell and is used routinely in Indian cooking.  A  rub of fresh orange twist inside the glass coats the cocktail with a citrus kick. Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy!

    Rose Water Scented, Cardamom Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail

    A Cardamom Bourbon Old Fashioned with a splash of Rose Water, highly scented, nicely spiced
    Prep Time 2 mins
    Cook Time 3 mins
    Resting Time 20 mins
    Total Time 25 mins
    Course Drinks
    Cuisine Cocktails, Indian, scandinavian
    Servings 1 people


    • 1 Low Ball Glass


    • 1 Slice orange twist
    • 1 ounces Bourbon
    • 1/2 Teaspoon Cardamom Simple Syrup See Recipe link, located below
    • 1 Teaspoon Rose water


    • Over a low ball glass, twist orange rind; releasing it’s citrus oils, rub citrus peel on inside of glass. Add ice cubes to glass.
    • Add Bourbon, cardamom simple syrup and stir lightly. Top off with rose water and enjoy!


    Here is a link to my Cardamom Simple Syrup Recipe
    Legent Bourbon is my preferred choice here, it has a nice bouquet due to aging in wine casks, follow link below to learn more and locate:
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