Tarragon Chicken Salad

A Zesty Salad Recipe

Poached Chicken, infused with lemon and bay are the base for this salad recipe

    Fresh Tarragon

Tarragon adds a flavorful kick to this Chicken Salad Recipe

Tarragon Herb packs a powerful flavor punch and is a great last minute addition to this quick lunch salad

Chop the Tarragon Finely

Chopping herbs with use of a cutting board

Poach Chicken

Add Fresh Bay Leaf and Fresh Lemon Peel to the water in pan with Chicken Breast, this will infuse the Chicken with flavor before you even start mixing in the fresh herbs!

10 Minutes...

Place pan with water and Chicken on Stove Top making sure to cover with Lid

Finely Chop Green Onions

Chopping the onions small ensures even mixing adding to the Chicken Salad. Reserve white bottoms for another use

     Slice  Chicken

Slice Chicken Evenly for easy shredding later on, the poaching method creates juicy, tender chicken that is easy to cut through

Add Everything Together!

Mix well in a bowl

Shred Chicken with 2 Forks

'till you reach desired consistency, Shredding Chicken is a great way to keep the structure of chicken if you plan on eating your salad the next day

Try Tarragon Chicken Salad on Rye Bread topped with Arugula for a an Easy Lunch! This salad lasts for several days and is protein heavy and will keep you full all afternoon