A fizzy Springtime drink featuring tart, Fresh Rhubarb Stalks

Sliced fresh rhubarb, rose wine and specks of vanilla are combined to create a tartly sweet alcoholic cocktail

Rhubarb stalks are Abundant in the Spring and adds a tart flavor when used as an ingredient in  cooking, baking and mixing up drinks, like this fruity sangria cockail!

Place Chopped Rhubarb in a large glass container

i like to use a large pickling jar for this, and transfer to a pretty carafe for pouring later

Slice Vanilla Bean down 1 side and add to jar

Make sure not to slice the bean too deeply

Add sugar and entire bottle of rose wine to container with Rhubarb and Vanilla

Let Rhubarb Sangria rest for several hours in fridge, swirling occasionally

This process is called maceration and allows the sugars in the wine to break down the fibers in Rhubarb, releasing the flavors of the rhubarb stalks and infusing the wine with its fruit juices

Add the bubbles!

Put several ice cubes or a large cube into a glass, fill halfway with sangria and top off with sparkling water