INGREDIENTS – 1 Slice orange twist – 1 ounces Bourbon – 1/2 Teaspoon Cardamom Simple Syrup See Recipe link, located below – 1 Teaspoon Rose water

This is a recipe for a Rose Scented, Cardamom Spiced Bourbon Cocktail.

A handmade cardamom simple syrup adds spice and heat, a splash of rosewater brings out the florsl notes of bourbon whiskey


Crushing cardamom pods releases the freshest flavor and scent , you can always use powdered cardamom, but I find crushing the pods produces a much more fragrant syrup for the cocktail.

Crushed Cardamom Pods....

The Simple Syrup Recipe Produces a Spice Flecked, Sweet, Versatile  Ingredient with Many Uses

This warming cocktail is best served with spicy food and shared with loved ones!