Raspberry Pastry Puffs

A Fun Way to use baskets of freshly picked Raspberries!

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Fresh Raspberries!

Fresh Raspberries really make this recipe pop, and pair perfectly with Almond

This recipe uses Raspberries  as an ingredient two ways

Gelatin is a great way to make a fast, fruit filling

Unflavored gelatin sets quickly in the fridge while you get the choux pastry buns together and in the oven

Choux Pastry

Buttery dough packed with Wheat and Almond Flour

Choux Pastry bakes up quick, after combining  on the stove top, these gems are placed in to a pre heated oven

And baked to a honey brown

Adding almond flavoring to the dough infuses these puffs with flavor

This doubles up the Almond flavor with the almond flour already baked into the dough!

Layer the Mousse and Raspberries into the pastry puffs

Place the tops back on top of the raspberries

Finish with a Dusting of Powdered Sugar for a Sweet Treat!